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About IBank

In the past two decades the world has shifted from a cluster of independent national economies to a global, interconnected marketplace. But there are still a massive number of members of our society that are not benefiting. IBank can change that by opening up the benefits of the digital world and the global economy to anyone who wishes to participate, regardless of their financial status or technological savvy. Despite what banks say, banking has never really been “convenient”. And now that banks are closing branches by the thousands — the majority in low-income neighborhoods — getting to the bank is even more difficult. IBank's game-changing technology brings "convenience" back to banking.

Our Mission Bring the financially disenfranchised into the mainstream economy and distrupt an industry that has seen little in the way of true innovation for over a century.

Our Vision To advance the economic well-being of unbanked working people by helping them save money that can be invested in their future.

Our Mission To insure that our most vulnerable members will always have the ability to access the services that we provide, free of charge.