Definitely Not Your Average Bank

A completely new way to bank


A safe place to keep your money. Safer than carrying cash and just as easy to use.

No Fees

No Fees: Hidden or otherwise. IBank is free of fees and commitments or conditions.

Blazing Fast

Our state-of-the-art Global Network can process millions of transactions per second.

IBank Is Global

Almost anywhere you live, there's an IBank Authorized Merchant conveniently located near you.

All you need to access your account

No smartphone or Internet required. Access your account at any Authorized IBank Merchant. But if you do have a smartphone, we've got the App.

Track Your Spending

"You Spent: $700 on Lattes this year" - which could have paid for that new mountain bike you've been wanting.

😕 Don't let that happen again

Send Money Overseas

Are you regularly sending money to family and friends overseas? If you are then you know about the high cost of third-party services like Western Union or Moneygram.

👍 There are No Fees to send money to any other IBank Member - even if they live in another country.

Pay Bills

Paying your bills without a bank account can be expensive. Using "Bill Pay" Services or buying Money Orders to pay bills every month can add up to hundreds of dollars annually. And, in most cases, paying bills with cash simply is not possible. IBank Bill Pay is FREE.

Open A Savings Account

Everyone should have some money put aside for emergencies - sooner or later that "rainy day" is going to come along. But saving money in a cookie jar or under a mattress is not a good idea.

You'll be saving hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars with IBank, instead of using expensive alternative financial services. Why not put that money away in an IBank Savings Account.

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