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Advanced Features for Consumers with Internet or Smartphone

The IBank Locate Tool helps you find Merchants who provide the IBank Prepaid Debit Card, Merchants that provide the IBank Account Services* and Fee-Free ATM machines. Each service is identified by a unique Map Marker so you can quickly locate the services you need. Looking for a fee-free ATM machine or an Italian Restaurant? The IBank Locate App will point the way - you'll even get photos and reviews.

Find Stores & ATMs

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This Marker identifies stores that carry the IBank Prepaid Debit Card. You may pick up a card, however, those stores DO NOT provide access to IBank Services like Deposit, Withdraw, Transfer & Send.


This Marker identifies stores that carry the IBank Prepaid Debit Card AND Provide access to all of IBank's services. Those merchants have the specialized terminals that provide access to the IBank Network.


The ORANGE Marker identifies the locations of IBank's Fee-Free ATMs where you can get cash. The GREEN Marker identifies ATMs where you can also make deposits. Note: ATMs that are considered "Out-of-Network" may charge fees.

How To Use This Map

The map will center on your current location only if your browser is set to provide that information. You can also enter a specific location by entering it in the search bar below. You may enter a US Zip Code or the name of a specific city, such as "London" or "New York". Next, click on "Choose A Category" - in the dropdown box, choose the type of location you're looking for. Next, click "Select" and the map will display the location of those services with a map marker for each location. Below the map there will be a box containting the details of each location - by clicking on the box you can get store information and directions from anywhere in the world.