Getting Started

Learn how to get and use your IBank SmartCard and open an IBank Account

Two ways to get your IBank Card and Open your IBank Account

We've made it Simple and Convenient to become an IBank Member.   You can jump right in by providing us with some basic information about yourself which gives you access to all the great features of your IBank Account. Or you can give us a test-drive by using your temporary IBank Prepaid Debit Card without signing up for an IBank Account. Then, when you're ready, stop by an Authorized IBank Merchant or give us a call to complete the account opening process.

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Pick up an IBank Prepaid Debit Card at a store near you

Getting started couldn't be easier. Stop by a store near you that carries the IBank Prepaid Debit Card. Take the card to the cashier and load your card up to the maximum amount allowed. This is your first step to opening an IBank Account. When you're ready to reload your card, provide us with some additional information - you can stop by an Authorized IBank Merchant, Call Us or set up your account online. Now you're ready to enjoy all the benefits of an IBank Account.

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Call us or Sign up online - we'll mail your IBank Prepaid card

You get the same options by calling us or signing up online. If you're ready to open an IBank Account, provide us with some basic information (No Credit Check Required) and your full-featured IBank Account will be ready to fund when your card arrives. Alternatively, you can pick up a card at an IBank Merchant, Activate and Fund the card with the cashier.  If you would like to try us out first without providing your personal details - same easy steps.   You can give us a call now or arrange for us to call you back at a convenient time by clicking the phone icon on this page.  Or, click the button below and proceed to the Registration Page.