How IBank Works

Learn how to get and use your IBank SmartCard and open an IBank Account

IBank is like no other Prepaid Debit Card.

IBank is a Global Financial Network that combines the convenience of a prepaid debit card with the robust features and benefits of an online bank.  Banking has never really been “convenient”.  And now that banks are closing branches by the thousands, getting to the bank is even more difficult.   We’ve brought Convenience back to banking by providing the basics — Deposits, Withdrawals, Bill Payment and Money Transfer Services right to the places you visit the most: Grocery and Convenience Stores, Pharmacies, Home Goods Stores — virtually anywhere you shop.
Our best feature: No Smartphone or Internet Access Required.  IBank is a game-changer for the 1.4 Billion unbanked consumers who lack access to the Internet by providing Basic Banking Services — Deposit, Withdrawal, Savings, Payment and Overseas Money Transfer — through Point of Sale Terminals at local merchants.
Our Secret Sauce: IBank is Global. Bank Anywhere - Shop Anywhere. In nearly any country, and in most of the world’s currencies.

The Features You Want & Need.
None That You Don't.

You told us what features were important to you - and we listened.

Truly FREEBanking, Payment and Overseas Money Transfer. No Minimum Balance or Transaction Requirements. No Hidden Fees.

NO Mobile Phone RequiredALL Online Banking platforms require a Smart Mobile device. Your IBank SmartCard is all you need to access your account.

"Bank Where You Shop"™True Convenience: Banking at your favorite store. And shopping at millions of stores that accept Mastercard®.

Safe & SecureYour money is held in top-tier world banks and our technology keeps your funds Secure so they can never be lost or stolen.

24/7 SupportHave a question or problem? We're here whenever you need us - by phone, by Internet. And we speak your language.

Special OffersAs an IBank Account Holder you will be entitled to receive Special Offers like Coupons and Discounts from our partners.

Mobile Banking - Without The Mobile Phone

Using your IBank Account is Simple and Easy - and you have several options
IBank Terminal

Pick Up An IBank SmartCard

Getting your IBank SmartCard is easy and the First Step toward opening an IBank Account. Visit any participating IBank Merchant and pick up an IBank SmartCard.

Unlike most Prepaid Debit Cards, there is No Cost* to get the card and No Fees to use the card.

* We charge a one-time Refundable $5 Deposit for your first IBank SmartCard. The Deposit will be deducted from your first Funds Load and will be credited back to you when you open your IBank Account. For example: If your initial Funds Load is $100, you will receive $95 credit on your IBank Debit Card. When you're ready to reload your IBank Card the deposit will be credited back to your account. For example: If you Reload $100, you will receive $105 credit to your IBank Debit Card.


Load Your Funds

Take the IBank SmartCard to the cashier; load funds up to the maximum allowed - you can use cash or checks.*

Use your IBank Debit Card to Shop for goods and services, online or in stores - rent cars and access special services like EZPass. You can access your cash at thousands of Fee-Free ATM around the world.

* Checks must be cleared by our bank before your funds are available.


Enjoy the Savings

Most prepaid debit cards are packed with fees: A Fee to purchase the card. A monthly fee to keep the card active. A minimum activity requirement. A fee to deposit and withdraw cash. Fees that can total hundreds of dollars annually.

In addition to the money you'll save on fees, as an IBank Account Holder, you will receive Special Offers, like Coupons and Discounts from our strategic business partners. These offers alone could add up to thousands of dollars in savings annually.

The IBank Prepaid Debit Card has ZERO FEES* and ZERO Activity Requirements.

* We charge a one-time Refundable $5 Deposit for your first IBank SmartCard which will be credited back to your account when you're ready to upgrade to a Full-Service IBank Account - the fees you will save with IBank can be used to open and IBank Interest-bearing Savings Account.

IBank Terminal

Advanced Features for Consumers
with Internet or Smartphone Access

Although you can access all of your basic IBank Account Services - Deposit, Withdraw, Pay Bills and Transfer or Send Money - from any Authorized Merchant or ATM with your IBank SmartCard, having a Smartphone or Internet provides you with access to additional Features & Benefits.

Budgeting & Tracking - Track your spending, set limits and goals. Get alerts when you approach your budget limits. Automatically sweep extra funds into your IBank Savings Account.
Merchant & ATM Locator - Looking for a fee-free ATM machine or an Italian Restaurant? The IBank Mobile App will point the way - you'll even get photos and reviews.

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